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Bathroom/ Kitchen/ WC

High-value equipment in bathroom, kitchen or sanitary areas demands special cleaning and care. SANIT-CHEMIE has developed superb products for respective application areas. Our professional cleaners offer maximal care and optimal protection.

Doesn‘t matter which cleaning problem has to be solved and which sanitary equipment requires care – SANIT-CHEMIE always offers a proper solution! Our cleaning products will make you shine in the eyes of your customers. It‘s your best business card: effective products developed by professionals for professionals. Always for the sake of our green planet!

hansgrohe recommends – the 5 strong cleaning agents – SANIT Shower Cleaner 2000, SANIT Acrylic Foam Cleaner, SANIT SoftCleaner, SANIT Bath & Kitchen Clean & Polish, SANIT Surface Disinfection.
Glass and ceramics finish refining:
SANIT Shower Cleaner 2000 cleans, SANIT Glass & Mirror Cleaner makes free from grease and dries, SANIT Lotus Glass & Ceramics Coat seals surfaces and provides for brilliant finish.

We offer clever urinal hygiene devices and cleaners, that prevent pluggings, limescale deposits and buildup of urine residue, provide for fresh air and kill bacteria and germs.