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Limescale becomes a significant problem for warm water supply pipes from water temperature of about 40°C, especially if flowing water is hard. In case the hard water is in addition aggressive, limescale and rust deposits result from corrosion process. The consequences of limescale are unpleasant and expensive. They include decrease of water pressure and water flow volume, bursting of pipes and even total plugs of piping systems. To prevent all this SANIT-CHEMIE has developed our superb decalcification products. Easy to use – efficient to maximum – absolute environment-friendly.

Due to the new Drinking Water Ordinance our most precious resource has turned to a very important subject again. We take care that drinking water distribution networks remain free and clean. Easy and efficient. With professional products for professional use. The products of SANIT-CHEMIE meet the highest demands on quality. Always for the sake of our green planet.