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Reliability and competence: these are merits which SANIT-CHEMIE stands for

Company Portrait

Development of chemical products for professional use has been business of SANIT-CHEMIE since its establishment in 1983. Since that there have been three decades during which we have continuously built our reputation for high quality and steady innovation.
The name SANIT stands for very effective optimal products for following application areas:

Service – Cleanness – Hygiene – Maintenance – Environment

All our products feature the highest standards on quality and efficiency. They are environmentally sound at the same time and help to secure the future of precious natural resources. We tailor our products to particular needs of craftsmen and industry. Steady advancement and development of new products is our promise to our customers. A team of specialists is constantly working on innovative recipes in our modern laboratories. SANIT products meet all legal restraints and standards at most. They work fast and reliably and solve daily the routine tasks in the perfect way. Responsibility for people and our planet is the basis of all our activities. SANIT-CHEMIE prefers using raw materials that do not pose any health hazard and that are 100% environmentally safe. Due to ideal matching of possible applications SANIT products allow our customers to save storage costs. Thank to easy handling and secure application our products provide their users necessary safety without having complicated and time – consuming instructions at hand.

Our employees are at disposal of our partners for all questions and help solving all possible upcoming problems. Our qualified sales staff support our customers also on site. In this way SANIT-CHEMIE makes sure that our products guarantee their maximal effect with minimal consumption.

As an owner-managed company SANIT-CHEMIE insures a short decision making process that is absolutely necessary for implementation of required innovations and investments in the most rapid and target-oriented way.